Donating to the Firehall

Your contribution can make a huge difference. The money earned from ticket sales covers only a portion of the funding the Firehall Arts Centre and the Firehall Theatre Society require to stage the work we do in the theatre and in the community. Each year we donate countless tickets to social service organizations throughout Vancouver in addition to providing subsidized performance and rehearsal space to both community and professional arts groups.

Contributions of $20 or more receive a charitable tax receipt.

Giving is easy, and you can donate in the following ways:

  • ONLINE: You can make your secure online gift through our website.
  • BY PHONE: Please call 604.689.0691 to donate over the phone.
  • BY MAIL: Please send your contribution to:
    The Firehall Theatre Society
    280 E. Cordova Street
    Vancouver, BC  V6A 1L3
  • Donate via


  1. You want to be in the top 20% because you know ticket sales and public funding programs only cover 80% of the cost of producing and presenting the theatre and dance programs the Firehall puts on stage each year.
  2. Because you just want to high-five our friend Neil when he says, “I really love the programming at the Firehall – it’s very inspired work covering a wide range of important issues to silly fun shows.”
  3. You want to help us, help you, help the Firehall, help at-risk youth – by helping continue to undertake training programs for youth at risk and for young people just out of theatre technical and creative training programs.
  4. Because quotes like this just give you all the feels: “You guys made me realize I could do something that I wanted with my life. I didn’t know what to do or where to go until I did the Firehall internship program for youth at risk and now I have finished Douglas College and am going to UBC.”
  5. You want students to experience the world outside of their campus, so help us keep supporting discounted tickets to the 1500 secondary school students who saw productions of God and the Indian, Proud, Kayak, My Rabbi, Urinetown The Musical, White Noise, and Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth. The students enthusiastically discussed residential schools, politics, global warming and climate change, Jewish/Muslim relations and much much more.
  6. Because hearing this from one of our visiting teachers makes you realize that your support helps make the world a little bit of a better place: “That was so awesome – it is so impactful for the kids to meet the person behind the mask. Thanks to the actors for taking the time to do a talk with the students after the show.  And what a powerful performance!”
  7. You have been secretly dying to slide down the historic fire pole into the theatre to make your stage debut and you know that this 117 year old building needs some TLC and you’d like to help keep your theatre dreams alive – I mean the theatre, yes, keep the theatre alive.
  8. Because hanging out in our awesome brick walled lobby is way cooler (and much less expensive) than buying a Gastown loft and you’ve felt the same as our new friend Pru when she said “What an amazing building – love the brick work and it feels so great to come to a show here”
  9. You know what we do here is important and you want to help offer a gift that everyone can understand. You feel like there shouldn’t be barriers to seeing art, and you want to make that possible.   Each season the Firehall offers local low income residents accessible opportunities to enjoy the professional arts in their own community and brings positive energy and creative spirit to a neighborhood that continues to be challenged.
  10. And the TOP REASON donating to the Firehall will make you feel better is because we want you to feel like part of our little family each time you come here – and family ALWAYS asks for a little money! Plus, maybe you resonate with this quote from one of many friends: “The Firehall is amazing. The staff are considerate, respectful and caring. The programming is great and meaningful to the community and we are grateful for your generosity.”

Donations from friends and patrons of the Firehall are integral to the work we do – producing and presenting theatre, dance and inter-disciplinary work to engage and entice audiences.  Your gift will go toward ensuring we continue our work on stage and in the Downtown Eastside community.


The Firehall Arts Centre is one of the most beloved and respected cultural hubs in Vancouver.  Our audiences come from across Metro Vancouver and are culturally, politically and socially minded.

If your business or organization is interested in sponsoring a production, a presentation, a special night, our community outreach initiatives or a season at Firehall, you’ll be in good company!

Please call us at 604.689.0691 or email us at for more information on sponsorship opportunities at the Firehall.

To view our present Sponsors click here.


The Firehall Arts Centre is a registered charity – Registration #119232965RR0001

2021-2022 DONORS

Centre Stage: ($1000 plus)

Anonymous (2), Karen Marler, Ilze Bebris, Alexander Haque, Jonathan Hanvelt, Elizabeth Ball, Bill Millerd, Alana Murray, Jo Laughlin, Laurel March, Elizabeth Snow, Evelyn Harden, Victoria Henderson, Jane Westheuser, Judith Coffin, Amy Rutherford, Wawamesa Insurance, James Matteoni, Hamber Foundation, Locke Estate, Jo Swann, Rob Errington, Revery Foundation, Allibhai Family Fund, Anne Parfitt, Granville Island Theatre Society, Mike Wasko, Patricia Charles, Donna Spencer, William Millerd and Marsha Sibthorpe, Theatre for Living, Edelman USA, Betty Scheltgen, John Anderson, Pearl and Robert Shank, Richard Henriquez

Spotlight: ($500-$999)

Ruth Brodie, Emily Cooper, Eric Wilson, Tony Giacinti, Pia Kuni, Jennifer Fong, Jocelyn Pitsch, Douglas Welch, Sara Menzel, DD Kugler, Monica Dare, Linda Blankstein, Judith Garay

In the Wings: ($100-$499)

Anonymous (2), EA,  Trudy Aucoin, Rebecca Fox, Ian Beardmore, Jane Heyman, Heather Fraser, Valerie McNicol, Deb Pickman, The Benevity Community Impact Fund, Jacqui Mendes, Coral McFadden, Kim Barsanti, Pamela Hawthorn, Nancy Wong, Cori Caulfield, Stephen Heatley and James Irvine, Diana Griffiths, Brenda Lynne, Jay Weiler, Elaine McRitchie, Harry and Lin Chin Foundation, Karen Bartlett, Michael Clague, Allison Payne, Dorwin Cho, Daniel Worsley, Linda Johnston, Jane Flick, Walter and Joan Perry, Judy Reykdal, David Adamson, Gisa Cole, Manon Poitras, Pierre Blouin, Anne Mathisen, Darby Honeyman, Mark Halpern, Jean M Hurst, Kate Blassnitz, Jason Dubois, Colin and Kate Clinton, Diana Griffiths, Teresa Vandertuin,  Louise Campbell, Mary Carmichael, Lesley Taylor, Elizabeth Bastedo, Ivan Habel, Peter Cathie-White, Brian Paterson, Sylvia Roberts, Christ Randle, Daune Campbell, Robert Campbell, Carol Newson, Kate Dahlstrom, Jennifer Kassimatis, Sara Sjerven, Saverio Naccarato, Lynn Katey, Shora Parvaresh, Carol Newson, Denise Goodkey, Karen Sommer, George Heyman, Elaine McRitchie, Virginia Cooke, Patricia Haslam, Shirley Lum, Dorwin Cho, Jayeson Nicols, Douglas Mazur, Kate Dahlstrom, Lara Paul, Faune Johnson, Nik Henderson, Debra Seaboyer, Anne Sturrock, Malcolm Page, Jane Srivastava, Gayle Murphy, Selma Savage, Sheila McFadzean, Jerry Wasserman, Sally Stubbs, Alice Niwinski, Maryam Sabour, Iva Pargova, Denise Goodkey, Watson Advisors Ltd, Nancie Ottem, Tanya Schwaerzle, Linda Johnston, Burke Taylor, Barbra Arnold, Serge Bennathan, Jim Edmondson, Heather Bradshaw, Mike Dundee, David Cadman, Barrie Vickers, Shirley Lum, David Yorke, Virginia Cooke, Corinne Caulfield, Stacey Horton, Terri Taylor, Margaret Holmes, Doug Cameron, Marlie Oden, Ruth Stewart, Dara Parker, Melanie Ray, Dedeker Rondeau, Kara Keam, Barrie Vickers, Erin Ellis, Manuel Oliveira, Magda Theriault, Vera Hanvelt, Marian Yaremy, Habitat Insurance, Coro Mohr, Karen O’Brien, Cora Piekaar, Betty Scheltgen, Deena Guffei, Diana Griffiths, Martin Gotfrit, Beverly Nann, Deborah Williams

Fabulous Friends: ($10-$99)

Anonymous (3), Pam McPhail, Kit Lo, Jason Joseph, Karin Hartner, Jim Harris, Steven Maduro, Annie SmithTanya Marquardt, Sophia Dagher, Jacyntha England, Linda Baxter, Jasmine Baxter, Jonah Curl, Cindy Reid, Marilyn Williams, Nicola Campbell, Brenda Benham, William Kushlick, Melanie Covey, Patricia Wejr, Cora Whiting, Georgeann Glover, David Kuhl, Jane Dittrich, Bronwyn Carradine, Tamara Ramusovic, Marcus Youssef, Maria Nieto, Aila Frishman, Lydia Meister, Lisa Urist, Kathryn Shaw, Adele Finney, Daphne Marlatt, Johann Krebs, Malcolm Page, Larry Wilson, Jenna Dur, Zoe Forsyth, Janet Eriksen, Linda Bates, Lesley Taylor, Marylke Nieuwenhuis, Bill Galloway, Colette Perkin, Lynn Delahey, Jacqueline Rohan, Tamiko Suzuki, Kelly Morris, Heather Goodwin, David Diamond, Lolehawk Buker, Peter Dodek, Marla Eist, Alvin Tolentino, Pat Milliken, Noemia Miranda, B Jean Clarke, Tyrone Ebert, Debra Agostino, Kathy Roczkowskyj, Paul Marantz, Tom Ross, Valerie Boser, Kirk Chantraine, Ann Rippon, Kathleen Flaherty, Marisa Smith, Richard Biederman, Jody Robertson, Sheila Dunnachie, Susan Freedman, Bonnie Gibson, Corina St-Jacques, Sz Smythe, Kirsten Wiren, Cynthia Prost, Cynthia Suzuki, Nancy Higgs, Steve Berezowskyj, Michael Riml, Anne Midzain, Jenny Tarrant, Carolyn Hall, Janet Freeman, France Perras, Corina St. Jacques, Wendy Martin, Lorell Gingrich, Deborah Hall, Glen Watts, Karen Gelmon, Jane Ellison, Joan Deverteuil, Donald Fitzpatrick, Brian Day, Sharon Minemoto, Jose Verstappen, Ethel Whitty, Kathleen Larkey, Sue Fife, Karen Suzyki, A. Harvey Blackmore, Borja Fisher Brown, Candacne O’Connor, Sharon Costello, Mairiam Smith, Jennifer Morabito, Molly Spencer, Pat Milliken, Lydia Meister, Jennie Mickle, Joan Walker, Vickie Carter, Anthony Foti, Steven Smeaton, Lyse Prendergast, Sandra Rose, Lesley Taylor, Patricia Tanaka, Rita Taylor, Anna Brisco, Roxci Bevis, Marisa Orth-Pallavicini, Brenda Hudson, Jeff Pitcher, Ishtar Beck, Dennis Dahl, Eleanor Fox, Carol MacDonald, Kathleen Williams, Jesse Fizzell, Daniel Hill, Vickie Carter, Trina Davis, Kim Frank, Maureen McEvoy, Travis Salway, Luke Redmond, June Sue, Rasmus Storjohann, Adam Steptoe, Roberta Russell, Lynn Siddaway, Perry Schneiderman, Dieter Ropke, Jeffrey Boone, Sally Quinn, Jim Edmondson, Ingrid Kolsteren, Anita Fellman, Gabrielle Lacelle, Kathryn Shannon, Olivia Davies, Linda Castagna, Lynn Katey, David Cooper, Teresa Vandertuin, Nneka Croal, Jennifer Clement, Kevin Douma, Gillian Hamilton, Dain Antalik, Susan Brauer, Karen Stearman, Tom Merenyi, Tami Setala, Eugene Swimmer, Rose Simone, Jamie Smith, Molly Spittal, Richard Lewis, Julie Luciani, Michael Glover, Jenn Lay, Jeff Bayntun, Wendy Martin, Norman Mould, Paul St. Pierre, Sage MacGillivray, Elisabet Thor-Larsen, Anita Webster, Jennifer Chapman, Elizabeth Whynot, Wayne Wiens, Mad MacNeill, Nadine Nicholls, Anne-Marie Metten, Peter Derbyshire, Jane Andrew, Rita Taylor, Peggy Watkins, Robert Heidbreder, Lynn Katey, Jane Srivastava, Pat Milliken

Our donor list will be updated on  a monthly basis.
I love the Firehall Arts Centre. . . The productions I watched were outstanding. Front of house was exceptional too.
Audience Member
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We’re Grateful to Be Here.

The Firehall Arts Centre is located on the unceded and traditional territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish) and səlilwətaɬ (Tsleil-Waututh) First Nations where they lived and gathered together for thousands of years. Acknowledging their connections to these lands is a significant part of what the Firehall considers when choosing the productions and presentations we undertake and how that work shapes and impacts those around us. We ask our community to reflect on what being present here means to you and those around you.