Firehall Fact #10 – 1984

By 1984, the Firehall was up and running with theatre, dance and festivals galore!

A few interesting highlights:

That year the 2nd Annual Vancouver Beer Festival was held here, with proceeds going to Axis Mime Theatre and the Firehall.  There were beer tastings from local, international and cottage breweries, as well as delicious food and performances.

On the opening night of EDAM Dance’s mixed bill featuring four choreographies, Peter Bingham and Jennifer Mascall were performing a movement improvisation when suddenly, Bingham’s pants ripped! Needless to say, it added a new level to their improvisation.

The Courtyard Cafe opened! With indoor and outdoor seating, patrons could purchase espresso drinks, light lunches and tasty treats.

Expose 84, a musical protest took to the stage.  It was “a musical parable for our province”, looking at the issues surrounding the “restraint” budget put forth by Premier Bill Bennett and his Social Credit government in 1983, which made deep cuts to social services and made changes to labour laws.


Ah, 1984.  You sound like a good year.


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