Firehall Fact #21: The Power of 3(0)

Let’s talk about the Number 3.

The number 3 is considered across the globe to be a powerful number. It represents harmony, wisdom and understanding. It represents the three stages of  life (birth, life and death) and time itself (past, present and future). The Pythagoreans taught that three was the first true number, and though I’m not entirely sure what that means, I do know that Pythagoras gave us this equation, which exemplifies my hatred for high school math.

This equation can also be applied to the route the cruise ship will take as my mother and grandmother miss my birthday. See Mrs Miller? I can do math.

But I digress.

Now 30, is a milestone.

FACT.  Not only did the Firehall turn 30 this year, but both Caitlin and I will be “celebrating” this landmark birthday in 2012.  (Um, I’m sure she doesn’t mind me telling everyone on the internet that).  And to make it better, my mother and grandmother are leaving for a cruise and will miss this EPIC birthday.

If that tugs at your heart strings, don’t cry for me. I can handle it. Transform that pity into a donation to the Firehall and I’ll make it through, somehow.

30. Divide by 3 and you get 10. Multiply by 3 and you get 90. Cube it and you get 900. Make your $30 for 30 donation in your favourite 3 or multiple thereof and help us celebrate another 30 to come.

Our $30 for 30 Campaign is nearing its end, but we still need your help!  To donate on our website, click here! To donate via Canada Helps, visit them here. To send either Caitlin or myself hilarious cards congratulating us on the imminent doom of turning 30:

The Two Old Bitties
c/o the Firehall Arts Centre
280 E. Cordova St.
Vancouver, BC
V6A 1L3

You can also mail in your donation to the same address!

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