Firehall Fact #26: Staff Favourites

Donna Spencer is the Artistic Producer here at the Firehall, and has been with the company since its inception thirty years ago.  She has directed, advised, produced and even been in a show or two over the years. She is also a certified yoga instructor and loves quantum physics. That stuff will blow your mind. (Preceding statement applies to both yoga AND quantum physics)

Donna in an article about the opening of the Firehall in 1982

My favorite things about the Firehall? 

When I first visited the Firehall as an introduction to the new job, I was taken on a tour and awed by the two fire poles but overwhelmed and amazed by the number of doors there are within the building. Everywhere we went there was a new door that took you to a different world.  For the first while I was on the job, I would get lost – I had no sense of direction within the building.

Since then I have grown to love all of the doors, the brick, the history, the energy within the building and the people that I have met here.  And while I no longer get lost in the building, I do sometimes feel a loss of direction, and strangely enough, the strength of the building and the spirit that resides within help me get back on track.  

Yes indeed, the Firehall is a pretty special place, opening doors to stories both new and old; to performances that provoke contemplation and discussion; to experiences that generate a greater love for the value of the arts in society; and to good times with good friends and great people.  

At the Firehall, we love looking for new doors and the treasures hidden within.  As Ann Mortifee wrote in her song for the play Reflections of Crooked Walking:

Every door is a secret door
hiding something
Every door is a magic door
leading somewhere
Somewhere you’ve never been ever before
To open the door just lift the latch
But once you go in
you might never come back|
For that is the way of the spell.

And that spell is the Firehall.   


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Lyrics to Every Door is a Magic Door from Ann Mortifee’s website.

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