Firehall Fact #5

Thirty years ago, when the Firehall first opened, the resident theatre company was Axis Mime Theatre, now known simply as Axis Theatre.

Masks from Axis Theatre's Beginnings, one of two pieces Axis presented Opening Night February 25, 1982

Axis is a physical theatre company whose mandate it was to present work that educated and fostered appreciation for the performing arts to young audiences across BC.  Since then, they have continued this work in conjunction with exploring more mature subjects in their work.

At that time, Axis Mime Theatre was unique in North America for its development of the mime play format.  They utilized mask, mime illusion, pantomime blanche and acrobatics in their works.

When not performing and being generally awesome, Axis also taught mime classes in the building.

Axis Theatre will be touring to BC schools in the Fall of 2012.


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