Firehall Fact #7 – Spring has sprung with BC Buds

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Ah, nothing touts the beginning of Spring better than Beethoven’s 6th Symphony and announcing BC Buds!

BC Buds is the Firehall’s Spring Arts Fair, and this will mark its 8th year.

This multi-disciplinary showcase features new and experimental work from established and emerging BC artists and takes place over a weekend in May.  This year, it will be May 11 to 13.

The Fair is marvelously unconventional in that artists present their work all over the Firehall – yes, in the theatre and studio but also in the basement, lobby, stairways, hallways, courtyard and even the bathrooms!

This has created some memorable and unique work, and we’re hoping the 2012 Fair will continue that tradition – with a twist.

This year, there have been a few changes to the application.  We’re honing in a little and looking for projects that promote sustainability and environmental and ecological health.  Our hope is to find a few artists and pieces the Firehall can lend support to in upcoming seasons to help them grow from itty bitty baby buds into fully-blooming works.

If you are an artist interested in BC Buds, read the information and application below.  If you are interested in seeing what’s new and interesting in the arts and culture scene in Vancouver, come check out BC Buds the weekend of May 11 through 13.  You won’t be disappointed.

Click for the information and application

Donate to the Firehall for our $30 for 30 Campaign through Canada Helps or through our website!


Seedling in Soil image from  Markuso’s stream on Free Digital Photos

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