Fringe Fever hits the Firehall again!

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All of us at the Firehall Arts Centre are excited to yet again be a Bring-Your-Own-Venue for the Vancouver Fringe Festival!

This year we will be the venue for 7 Fringe performances (6 of which are local companies). With a variety of dark comedies, circus, musicals, and sensory treats: the Fringe goer will be sure to find something entertaining at our theatre.

The Firehall’s lobby and licensed bar will be open 45 minutes before the shows and in between shows. Come down early and enjoy our gallery space.
As a BYOB, we do not sell any of the tickets for the Fringe shows. For tickets to any Fringe performance, please go to The Fringe Website.

Here are the shows we’ll have for the Fringe:
Camel Camel
Glitter Gizzard
An original, macabre comedy: David Lynch meets Abbott and Costello. The sublimely grotesque vaudeville duo, The Camel Sisters, invite you into their delightfully bizarre “act” which begins to turn in on them when a nefarious death-worm appears and they struggle to escape.

James & Jamesy in the Dark
James & Jamesy
British comedians and 10-time Best of Fest winners, James & Jamesy (2 for Tea / High Tea) emerge from darkness and delight themselves into existence. A story of discovery and imagination, In the Dark is a feat of theatrical ingenuity, exquisitely crafted by masters of physical theatre.

Oh the Humanity, and Other Good Intentions
Staircase Theatre
A masterfully witty script, Oh, The Humanity, and Other Good Intentions examines the nature of human misery through a filter of jet black comedy. It is sure to hit you where it hurts—right in the humanity. Jessie Award nominated Staircase Theatre is pleased to present this remount, directed by Brian Cochrane and featuring Maryanne Renzetti and Brad Duffy.

The Uninvited Guests
Pipef @ % ! is a multimedia theater project that mixes elements of devised theatre and topics of recent environmental issues in British Columbia. It explores the dynamics of cohabitation between working class and upper class populations in the city. It is also a sensory experience engaging audiences from all angles of space and thematics.

The New Conformity
Cause & Effect Circus
Three of the west coast’s favourite jugglers team up to create an award-winning show that blends theatrical circus with social commentary. This brings to light a universal struggle of the modern age: the comfort of conformity versus the freedom of individuality, all told through tightly choreographed prop manipulation, martial arts, and physical theatre.

The O.C.: The Musical
Two Lobster Productions
The O.C.: The Musical is an unauthorized parody of the hit teen drama FOX series. It follows the life of Ryan Atwood, a troubled 16-year-old bad boy who is abandoned by his parents but is given a second chance by his attorney, Sandy Cohen. Ryan bonds quickly with Sandy’s nerdy son, Seth, and they quickly get caught in a storm of musical teen drama.

TITUS: The Light and Delightful Musical Comedy of Titus Andronicus
Awkward Stage Productions
Shakespeare’s grizzliest play renewed into the giddiest musical, exploring why violence is so darn entertaining. Appalled? Offended? But you know you want to see it. So tap and sing along to TITUS—more than a parody, more than an adaptation—it’s a bloody grand time. World premiere inspired by Monty Python, Conan, ‘90s rock, Parker & Stone, and classic slapstick.

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