Kid Gloves Profile: Marlene Ginader

Marlene Ginader just came off her second successful run as “The Woman” in our production on Chelsea Hotel and has jumped right into her role in Kid Gloves.

GD: Tell me about your character in Kid Gloves.

MG: Mai Ji is a tough, strong, young woman who’s been through a lot but doesn’t pity herself and I really admire that about her. She finds opportunities and strength in all sorts of ways (laughs) and is working really hard to get herself out of it, but at the same time doesn’t feel bad about where she’s come from or what she has to do to do that.

GD: Do you feel like a staple here at the Firehall now?

MG: Well, I have sublet my apartment for the last two months.


But it really is like a home away from home right now. I haven’t even moved my stuff (points to dressing table). The people around me have changed, but I’ve stayed the same.

GD: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

MG: When I’m not working…I’ve also decided to become a traveler recently. I went to New York for the first right before Chelsea, and I’m going to Mexico to take some Spanish lessons right after Kid Gloves closes. I’m trying to take little trips here and there and become a traveling type.

GD: How long are you going to Mexico for? Is it a Spanish retreat?

MG: About 12 days. I’m taking a program and living with a family. It’s all very new.

GD: That’s exciting.

MG: I’m  making myself sound more interesting than I actually am.


I listen to a lot of stand-up and watch a lot of stand-up.

GD: I recently listened to a Steve Martin album from the 70s.

MG: Ooh! I think I burned one of his in high school and I don’t remember it very clearly, but I used to listen to it while driving a lot.

GD: What are you doing after your time off?

MG: I’m taking some time to do some film and television. I got an agent about a year ago but then did a lot of there so I’m going to take some time now to see what will happen.

GD: I’ve been asking everyone would you rather questions, but I’m totally blanking on one right now.

MG: You know what’s funny? It’s not funny. You know what is?


I just joined Twitter but I’ve just been posting Would you Rathers but as a person who doesn’t understand them. Like, ‘Would you rather have sex with a person you really like, or eat glass?’ It doesn’t make sense and people are all, ‘you don’t get it!’ But, yea, I do. Like, ‘would you rather get your MacBook stolen or go to a petting zoo with your best friend?’


GD: Ok then, give me your lamest Would you Rather.

***Marlene is thinking but then my amazing powers of observation note the mug of tea in her hands ***

Would you rather burn your mouth on really hot tea…

MG: Which I am about to do. Where did you get that idea Gabby?

GD: You know, they just come to me. I’m really creative. Or…get a hug from a furry.

MG: One has a physical after effect and one has an emotional one.

GD: Yup.

MG: Hugging the furry!

GD: You’d rather hug a furry?!

MG: Yea, I’d be ok with that! I probably have hugged a furry.


And by furry I mean mascot.

GD: What was the first show you were ever in?

MG:  Aside from some long-form improvised shows that my parents indulged me in, in grade six my class had to write  a Christmas play and I took it upon myself to write most of it. It featured me as a lawyer with a monologue and I cried. I gave myself a crying monologue in a school Christmas show. I killed it too. It was staged crying during a trial because there was a legal case about Santa.


GD: Oh, ok. I was wondering how lawyers and Christmas went together. So you put Santa on trial?

MG: Santa was on trial and I had to fight for him.

GD: What do you think audiences will take way from Kid Gloves?

MG: Most people probably don’t know about this story. I know I didn’t know about these two women. I think their story is incredible  the things they were up against and what they fought for [to give us] what we have now. It’s really profound to see Dawn [Petten] and Colleen [Wheeler] bring that to life, it’s really moving to see.


Steve Martin image from here, bear hug from here and Looney Tunes court room drama from here

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