Kid Gloves Profile: Patrick Keating

Kid Gloves will be the sixth time Patrick Keating has been in a Firehall production. Today we speak with him and receive a guest visit from Scott Bellis.

GD: Patrick, tell me about your character.

PK: My character, Daniel Crane, is an Alderman in Vancouver, and an upstanding citizen.

GD: What are you doing now outside of acting?

PK: Right now, writing.

GD: What kind of stuff do you write?

PK: Different stories, trying to put together a one person show.

GD: Oh wow, can you tell me a little about that?

PK: It’s very rough right now, but it’s stories of my life.

GD: Very cool. What was the first show you were ever in?

PK: First show I was ever in, was The Ecstasy of Rita Joe.

GD: Really? Here at the Firehall? When was that?

PK: 1992, I believe. I played a bunch of different characters, I played a clerk, a policeman and a murder.

GD: What other shows have you done at the Firehall?

PK: Oh yeah, this is my sixth show. I did Respectable, Stone Angel, Sisters, I did the Ecstasy of Rita Joe again. I like the Firehall a lot. It’s a wonderful theatre and Donna’s really great at bringing in and including great people in shows.

GD: What would you like audiences to know or take away from seeing Kid Gloves?

PK: What women had to go through to be part of the police department and all that goes with it. I’d love to see a play about Gertrude [Crane, played by Deborah Williams] and what she had to go through to get the police department to listen to her and install these two women.

***At this point, Scott Bellis walks in and I ask him to make up a Would You Rather question for Patrick.***

SB: Would you rather sing a jazz solo or dance a ballet solo in a show?

PK: Sing a jazz solo.

GD: Why?

PK: Because I can’t dance.


Fantastic dancer from here and writing image from here

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