Meet Tracey Power, aka Little Sally

Tracey Power is the creative force behind the Firehall hit show Chelsea Hotel – the Songs of Leonard Cohen. She was one of the original cast members for Urinetown in 2006 and her ‘Little Sally’ performance deservedly won her a Jessie Awards nod. Critics have been raving about her performance this time round – “Using a squeezed, street-urchin voice, Tracey Power is perfect as Little Sally.” – Georgia Straight

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Tracey Power & David Adams in the 2006 production of ‘Urinetown’. Image David Cooper.

What is Urinetown?
One of the funnest musicals I’ve ever been a part of. See it! Even if you think it sounds disgusting and weird. It’s the first show I ever saw in NY and it was one of my most memorable nights in the theatre.

Tell us about your character
Little Sally is extremely curious and the ultimate optimist. She would follow Bobby Strong to the ends of the earth and believes that love truly is, all we really need. She also has good taste in shoes.

What is your secret superpower?
Parallel Parking. Very handy when you live in the Westend. The incredible sense of pride that comes over you after a successful park job is actually a bit bizarre. What’s that all about?

When I’m rich and famous I’ll….
Travel the world! I’d also like to learn to play hockey and speak another language. I think I can fit that in.

What is your favourite expression for going to the toilet? 
I gotta take a whiz. Without a doubt.

Tracey Power in the 2006 production of Urinetown. Image David Cooper.
Tracey Power in the 2006 production of Urinetown. Image David Cooper.

Capitalism, socialism, totalitarianism, activism, realism, postmodernism. Choose an –ism and tell us why.
I’ll pick realism. It’s a good place to get back to when you have an active imagination.

What is the biggest environmental challenge we as Canadians face?
Global Warming will ultimately destroy the planet. It’s almost entirely the fault of human beings and there are huge steps needed to reverse it. The largest step being, there are still human beings who deny it’s existence. So I suppose THEY are ultimately the biggest environmental challenge. THEY who could make Urinetown a reality.

You can find Tracey on twitter @TeepTeep and on stage at the Firehall til November 29 in Urinetown: The Musical. Click here for more info and details on tickets. 

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