The Out Vigil is wowing critics and audiences!

Zac Scott, Christina Cuglietta, Matthew MacDonald-Bain and Alison Jenkins Credit: Emily Cooper

The Out Vigil is in the end of its first week here at the Firehall and has been impressing audiences and critics alike, with its unique musical score and compelling story. Here are some highlights from the recent reviews.

“The Out Vigil sings with passion and humour”
“Stephanie Izsak makes an impressively passionate, funny and credible Lizzie.”
“…showcases the strength of McIsaac’s writing, which can be lyrical… and bluntly funny.”
-Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

“The Out Vigil sizzles in the right places”
“brassy and fun… they (Izsak and MacDonald-Bain) sizzle with youthful passion”
“Izsak gives her character a particular depth and strength”
-Erika Thorkelson, The Vancouver Sun

“Izsak’s voice is pure and strong and the harmonies are heart wrenching”
“rollicking, rousing music composed and arranged by the playwright, an amazing, multi-talented young actor/composer/writer (Julie McIsaac)”
-Jo Ledingham

The Out Vigil closes this Sat, the 26th, don’t sleep on this one! Get tickets here.

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