Top Kids in the Hall moments with Bruce McCulloch

Comedy legend Bruce McCulloch is visiting the Firehall next week with his new live show, Young Drunk Punk. In honour of his Kids in the Hall legacy, we present the Firehall staff’s favourite KITH characters featuring Bruce for your enjoyment.

The Eradicator

“Well, when it comes to favourite Bruce McCulloch moments, it’s hard to narrow it down – Cabbage Head is hysterical, and as a kid I thought The Daves I Know was hilarious. He played this squash player on KITH that called himself “The Eradicator” that was a total riot. As well, he was great in Arrested Development (if you haven’t watched him in Season 4, stop what you’re doing and watch it right now). AND most people forget he directed the music video for The Tragically Hip’s Music At Work, which was a massive hit (I’m a big Hip fan).” – Nick, Box Office



The Daves I Know

Bobby Terrance

“I love this character because he is the epitome of every guy I went to high school with!” – Barbara, Admin


Convenience Store

“I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith’s Clerks and love the shenanigans that Bruce’s weirdo convenience store clerk gets up to on night shift. Plus, his boss’ non-plussed reaction to it all is pure brilliance.” – Sammie, Marketing


What’s your favourite Bruce moment or character? Let us know in the comments below!

Bruce McCulloch will be performing live at the Firehall with his new show Young Drunk Punk from Tues Jan 28 – Sat Jan 1. If you are a big Brucio fan, he’ll also be doing a post-show talkback on Thursday Jan 30. Tickets are nearly sold out for some performances, so make sure you book in advance online or call our box office on 604-689-0926. If you are trying to book online for Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, these shows are extremely busy, so it’s best to call our box office ( 604-689-0926) to find out seating availability first.

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