Firehall Fact #1

Vancouver is a relatively young city – we’ve just celebrated our 125 birthday.  In that time, Vancouver has created quite a colourful history for itself, and the Firehall is proud to be a part of it!

For our $30 for 30 Campaign, we’re posting a fact about the Firehall every day for 30 days.  Today will be the first one!

Firehall Fact #1

The Firehall Arts Centre is housed in a designated Heritage building.  Remember that little fact above about Vancouver being 125?  Well, the building the Firehall is in was built in 1906! That’s a whopping 106 years ago!

It was the Vancouver’s first fire station, and was open until 1975, when it was converted into a performance space.  Below is a picture of the Firehall in 1912.  Figure out what’s missing and you get an awesome point!


Figure it out?

The answer is horses!

For years, horses were the means by which fire stations put out fires – they drew wagons with hoses, ladders, chemicals for putting out certain fires, steamers… you mane it!

Did you notice the fire trucks in the picture above? Our Firehall was also the first motorized fire station in North America.

So, to conclude the first of our 30 facts about the Firehall: this building has played a significant role in Vancouver’s history, as well as being a part of innovation in North America.

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Image of the 1912 Firehall taken from the Firehall Arts Centre Archives

Image of the 1916 Horse-drawn Hose Wagon taken from Last Resort Fire Department

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