Firehall Fact #2 (or Fiction)


Seeing as the Firehall is an older building, there are a lot of stories that have been told and retold about happenings here.

Not actually the bear in question. Merely an interpretation of what he may have looked like

One of my favourites is about the Bear.

Back when Vancouver was still mostly wilderness, and the city was still growing, the fireman at the #1 Firehall took in an abandoned bear cub.

They kept it in the courtyard, with the horses and dogs, and it quickly became a member of the station.

One fine, sunny day, a gent went down to the Army & Navy and purchased a shotgun.  He was quite pleased with himself, and headed back home.

On his way there, he had to pass by the #1 Firehall.

What happened next was shocking.

As the the man passed the courtyard, he saw a bear mauling one of the firemen. He loaded up his new shotgun, took aim, and



Shot the vicious bear.

What the man believes he saw

He ran over to check on the fireman, and found him weeping over the deceased bear.  As it happens, the fireman wasn’t being attacked.  He was wrestling with the fire station’s mascot.

The firemen, unsure of what to do with their beloved wild pet, took it down into the broiler room and incinerated the body.


Legend has it, that the spirit of the bear remains in the Firehall, protecting the inhabitants.

There you have it folks! So next time you come to the Firehall, be aware of the furry spirit creature that resides in the building.

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What was actually happening













Fireman teddybear image from Dear Teddy Bear

Grizzly bear image from Wild Animals Fight Club

Bear kiss image from Die Welt

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