Firehall Fact #3 – This Bloomion’ Tree!

If you’ve ever gone into the courtyard behind the Firehall, you’ve seen how peaceful a space it is in the centre of the city. The hustle and bustle is left behind as you sit, relax on the deck and look up at the beautiful cherry tree blooming in January.

Yes, that’s right, I said January.

The Firehall has one, if not if, the earliest blooming cherry tree in the city; this year, it was budding in December!

In Japanese culture, cherry blossom trees have a number of meanings, but most beautifully, they are the symbol of the bitter-sweetness that is being aware of the impermanence of life.

Next time you come down to the Firehall, make your way to the courtyard and sit below the tree. Enjoy a cup of coffee or wine from the bar and zen out in our little oasis.

And remember to join us May 11 to 13 for the 8th Annual BC Buds Spring Arts Fair as well, there’s sure to be a performance below her beautiful bows.

The Firehall Arts Centre has been a mainstay in the DTES and Vancouver arts scene for 30 years, but we can’t do it without you! Donate to the Firehall for our $30 for 30 Campaign through Canada Helps or through our website!

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