Goodness Me.

Next week Volcano Theatre’s Goodness takes over the Firehall from March 6 to 11.

The show is critically acclaimed and has toured extensively, even stopping in at the Festival Arts Azimut in Rwanda in 2009.  Tara Hughes who plays the young version of the character “Althea” in the play, produced a documentary about the tour- what it was like to be a Canadian theatre company going to Rwanda to perform a play about genocide. Although the theme is quite heavy the film also explores the power of art and the strength and buoyancy of the human spirit.

I haven’t seen it yet, but am eagerly looking forward to it.  Go here to learn more about the documentary.

Here’s a short glimpse of what you can expect from the play:

$30 For 30


30 years ago, the Firehall Theatre opened its doors. City of Vancouver Mayor Mike Harcourt pulled up to the theatre in a 1912 fire truck driven by Fireman Alex Matches (what a name!) to cut the ribbon on the new theatre, and we were off and running!

Since that time, the Firehall has been working with the mandate to animate the heritage building with eclectic theatre, dance, music and interdisciplinary works that celebrate Canada’s cultural pluralism, and has hosted over four thousand performances for audiences of all ages.

Fast forward to today, and the Firehall Arts Centre has received numerous awards for its commitment to artistic excellence and inclusion and to the community of the Downtown Eastside. Preparing to enter its 30th season, the Firehall is one of Vancouver’s most beloved and respected cultural hubs consisting of a theatre, studio, gallery and exhibition space.

To celebrate our 30 years, the Firehall is launching a $30 for 30 Campaign, asking you to donate a dollar for each of our 30 years!

Over the next 30 days, we will be posting a Firehall fact on our social media sites; check Facebook, Twitter and our Blog for updates!

Share YOUR favourite Firehall memory for a chance to win a 4 Flex Pack for the 2012-13 Season!

Click here to make your donation, or contact us at 604.689.0691 or 

80s Dance Update!

Yes, I AM a devilishly handsome fellow lying here in my hammock with this delicious drink. Check out my shirt.


Remember the 80s? I do, at least the last half or so. They were pretty rad.

Magnum (sigh), shoulder pads, big hair, the original TRON…



Tomorrow night. 10pm. Bring your best leg warmers and dancing shoes!

This duo-fundraiser will raise funds for the Firehall as well as charities that work with HIV/AIDS through Theatre Cares.

Tickets are $25 and are available through the Firehall Box Office (604.689.9026) or online.

Dress up in 80s clothes or bring in your ticket stub from Chelsea Hotel and get $5 off at the door!!

Prepare yourself for a gnarly evening full of radical entertainment sources including:

DJ Prom Night (aka Tarran The Tailor) spinning all the best original 80s tunes the way they should be – on a laptop

10-10:30pm Jazzercise!!! It wouldn’t be party without lifting your legs in spandex!

Drink Specials

Nostalgic Door prizes (may or may not include a “vintage” 80s typewriter with a 20 word memory…)

Prize for the best 80s costume

And no birthday would be complete without cake, so we’ll have one of those too!

To quote Rod Roddy, “Come on Down!”

I wish I was there.
Magnum photo from filmbug
Michael Jackson and Mr T from Flavorwire

Flirty 30! 80s Party

February 25th marks the Firehall’s 30th Anniversary!

The 80s. Wonderful decade. They gave the world Degrassi, Madonna, a love of unflattering clothing, yours truly and, of course, the birth of the Firehall Arts Centre.

To commemorate this stupendous occasion, the Firehall and Theatre Cares are getting together to throw a fantastic shindig complete with 80s music, dancing and big hair!

Join us February 25th at 10pm for the dance party. Tickets are $25 and are available through the Firehall Box Office or, take in a performance of Chelsea Hotel and stay for the party for $55!


Here’s a little Pat Benatar to get you excited!


Photo of Cyndi Lauper from Cool Aggregator

Welcome to the new website!

Welcome, welcome!

This is our new website. New website, meet the internet.  Internet, meet our new website.

We have been working for the past while to get this new website easy to navigate and clear.  And pretty. Very pretty.  Please let us know what you think! Comments are very welcome, as are questions.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mike from Splatter Graphics and Kyle from Popgun Media for the terrific work they did building this site and working with our vision for it.  Thank you guys, internet hi-fives for all!


Awkward Date Night

Awkward Date Night

So. Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it, it happens every year.

This year, we’ve decided to make it more fun. Or weird. Depends who you ask.

Catch Chelsea Hotel with your special someone and their special someone for the Valentine’s Day.

Tickets are 3 for 2 when you bring in the Awkward Date Night card (look for them around Gastown, or come into the Firehall for one!)

After you’ve spend a couple hours in a dark theatre with your two MVPs, head down to the London Pub! You’ll get 10% off your bill that evening when you show them your ticket stub.

Make Valentine’s Day 2012 a memorable one.