The Motherf**ker reviews are in!

Critics are raving about Haberdashery Theatre Company’s inaugural production!

The Georgia Straight “Spectacular… flows like a waterfall—full of startling images, equally startling humour, and crazy, pounding rhythms… The performances in this production ​are stellar“- Colin Thomas (Pick of the Week)

Vancouver Presents
  “as exciting as a roller coaster.”- Mark Robins (Pick of the Week)

Beyond YVR  “I expect this might be the most riveting play I see this year, and it’s only January.” – Lois Patterson.

Vancouverscape  “even Shakespeare would ​be impressed” – Cora Li

Fun! Fun! in Vancouver I felt like I was in New York City watching the show – that’s how good the caliber of this production is!” – Alan Woo

On until Jan 30th.

Get your tickets soon, as we are quickly selling out!

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