Get to know the choreographer


We asked Daniel Léveillé some questions about his piece Solitudes Solo which is coming to the Firehall next week, October 28th-31st. Don’t miss your chance to see these fantastic pieces where Léveillé subjects the dancers to the test of the solo and to impossible choreographic scores. 4 days only!

Where did you get the inspiration for this show?
Inside myself.

How does Solitudes Solo fit into the development of your work over the years?
It represents the opening of a new cycle of creation.

How is the work relevant in today’s society ?
Nor sure it is.  It’s more timeless.

How has it been working with this group of collaborators?
Has always been and was also this time a huge privilege.  Forty years of experiencing these deep and peculiar relationships with my dancers, I’m a very lucky man.

Ready for some dance?

We are! Up next at the Firehall Arts Centre is Daniel Léveillé’s work, Solitudes Solo.

The Artistic Intention?

Because of its resistance to rational harmony, the body tends to fall toward the ground and the project of many of today’s choreographers is to pursue a movement realizing a sort of elated dionysism, positioned as a revolt against the symmetry associated with the classical quest for perfection in form. Daniel Léveillé explores a different avenue, that of form.

Léveillé has for a long time committed himself to an effort of going beyond time and, in these solos, the forms he proposes attain immateriality. Purity or starkness are here less important than the research – taken to its very limits – on how “the simple” can give access to the immaterial. The dancers are certainly alone, in the movement of their existence, but they are mostly pointed toward an expression made possible by this solitude.

Solitudes Solo runs at the Firehall October 28th-31st, all performances are at 8pm.