Proud reviews are in!

Both critics and fans are in stitches of laughter over the Firehall’s satire of Canada’s Prime Minister, Proud. Check out what people have been saying about Michael Healey’s play, which runs til April 26.

Andrew Wheeler & Emmelia Gordon credit Pink Monkey Studios
Andrew Wheeler & Emmelia Gordon in PROUD, credit Pink Monkey Studios

“Comic gold… brimming with gags … it’s a real pleasure to be able to laugh at Canadian politics in the theatre.” – Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight

Andrew Wheeler “nails the PM’s deadpan demeanour and shows his comedic chops in Healey’s particularly funny speech about the things he secretly doesn’t care about.” – VanPresents
“clever & funny… buried in all the Rick Mercer-style lampooning, there’s some truth… A WINNER” –
Jo Ledingham / Vancouver Courier
‘A big part of the fun is watching Andrew Wheeler channel the character referred to only as “the Prime Minister,”’ – Jerry Wasserman, The Province
“fierce and funny” – VancityBuzz
“Stephen Harper = Comedy magic? Who knew!?” – Fun Fun Vancouver
“Emmelia Gordon is wickedly funny” – Beyond YVR
“Mr. Wheeler owns the role of Prime Minister. ” Vancouverscape
“every once in a long while I see a show that totally delivers – PROUD is one of them – BRAVA!” @shamelesshussey 
“Saw Proud at the @FirehallArtsCte last night. Hilarious and interesting. Definitely go see it!” @CoryAlder
“Just saw #Proud @FirehallArtsCte. I never thought I’d laugh so hard at a play about a#primeminister. Well done. #vancouver” @hollyburn

Proud runs til April 26 and tickets are $15 – 30, with Pay-What-You-Can performances on Wednesdays at 1pm. Click here for ticket info.

David C Jones Interviews Craig Erickson & Emmelia Gordon about Proud

The Unlikely MP

Emmelia_Gordon_small headshotYou may know Vancouver actor Emmelia Gordon for her role in Meghan Gardiner’s one woman show Dissolve or from her Fringe Fest show The Progressive Polygamists. But she is soon to become known as the unlikely MP who accidentally won the riding Cormier-Lac Poule, Jisbella Lyth. Just like the character she plays in Michael Healey’s PROUD, Gordon has some strong views on politics. We talk to her about playing politics, women in power and what she really thinks about Stephen Harper.

I hear you are a breakfast aficionado. What is your favourite brunch spot in Van?
Recently, I had an amazing breakfast in Nelson, BC at a place called Bent Fork, similar to Slickity Jim’s on Main Street. There are so many, I LOVE Bandidas Taqueria for Vegetarian breakfast but if you want meat aka BACON, I would have to say (Habit, if it was still around) Tyme to Indulge. It’s new spot on Main but man oh man, it is making a place in my heart (tummy) quickly. I could talk for hours about breakfast.

Craig Erickson, Andrew Wheeler & Emmelia Gordon in Proud
Craig Erickson, Andrew Wheeler & Emmelia Gordon in Proud

What was it that intrigued you about this role? Well, first off, I love the Firehall Arts Centre and working on this play has been a DELIGHT! Plus I get to say some of the best swear words… both to and at the PM. That’s a dream come true.

Why would we want to see a play about politics? Why wouldn’t you? Get yourself fired up about what’s going on around you!

What were your thoughts on Stephen Harper going into this project? Going into this project I very much disliked Harper and now I dislike him even more. He’s a sneaky PM and I think Canadians need to band together and stand up to get him out of power. I even have a button I wear that says “Fuck Stephan Harper”.

What has it been like working with the ‘Prime Minister’? ‘Challenging’

Are there any women in politics or positions of power that you admire? Not Christy Clark – that woman has a lot of explaining to do. I would have to stay Elizabeth May – Vancouver Island is holding strong.

Has preparing for this role changed the way you see politics in our country? I’ve become more informed and now instead of switching off when politics come on the news or I see an article I want to find out more about the issues, and let’s be honest we, as Canadians have a lots of issues and we aren’t being heard.

Proud runs April 5 – 26 – click here to read more about the play. If seeing Proud gets you all fired up, then join us on Tuesday April 15, 7pm for a pre-show discussion with Director Donna Spencer, GenWhyMedia’s Fiona Rayher & the Vancouver Sun’s Mark Leiren-Young.