For the Mama’s and the Papa’s out there.

For the Mama’s and the Papa’s out there: Some quotes from Nicolle Nattrass’s Mamahood: turn and face the strange

“I’m not a perfect mother. I should just get that off my chest right now. But who is right? I mean that would be impossible, except if you were Mary. Now Mary was the perfect mother. Never lost her temper, never cranky.  She was always calm because she had the perfect baby. Jesus. You can bet Jesus slept through the night. Do you think he was colicky? No and even if he was, Mary was a Zen peace loving Mama who never lost it. She’d have to be. Can you imagine? Giving birth to the Son of God. Jesus!”

This one woman show currently playing at the Firehall Arts Centre until October 29th explores the challenges of becoming a first time mom and discovering that behind the mystery of pregnancy and parenthood there is much to discover.  

The pregnancy:

 “My boobs are growing at a rapid rate!  I am now DOUBLE D!  I am only two and half months into my pregnancy!  What’s gonna happen next month? What’s gonna happen in my 9th month?”  

 “I am Celiac. Celiac and pregnant? Seriously? Just when my taste buds make me feel like each bite is a mini orgasm? Everything tastes so good. Like an orange, the juice, the-everything is like 110% MORE GOOD than it could ever be!”

The preparation:

 “Do you have a nutritional consultant? A pre-natal yoga coach? Catch the demonstrations ahead for Zumba for moms, as well as tot pole dancing for moms and babies. And, of course, there are workshops available for new mothers to begin a blog, write a book or memoir.”

“I will be ready! No room for error at Mama Camp.  First I remove all toxic paint and then Feng Shui the baby’s room. I take all the birthing courses no matter what the cost. I start a Registered Education Savings. ”

After the birth:

 “Is this how babies are supposed to sound? From the Jurassic period? Baby wakes up. Every hour. Hungry. He screams nonstop. WAHHHHH. Every 20 minutes-He does not sleep. Hardly ever. Screaming red faced-Oh my god what have we done?”

The days pass:

“I look down at my beautiful baby, so pure, so perfect- Why am I thinking about this now? Oh god- I’m failing-I’m failing at this–I can’t fail at this. I do what I always do to get thru-What any self-respecting, God fearing person would do. I pull out my old David Bowie records.”

And more days pass:

“I’m caught in this loop – angry, scared, can’t sleep, angry, scared, can’t sleep. I don’t feel like myself. I don’t talk to Vincent anymore. Everything makes me irritated-angry-I slam doors. I yell and then look down and see his face.

This tiny face.

I can’t do this anymore.

I call the Child Resource Centre– I need help.”


This powerful piece explores the fear, the pain and the joys of parenthood.  Check it out!

Mamahood: turn and face the strange. In honor of all those Mama’s and Papa’s who are working so hard to raise their young children the Firehall is offering a special discount. Go to   and purchase tickets using our special promo code: babybrain

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News from the Firehall

October 14, 2016



(Vancouver, BC) – The Firehall Arts Centre announced today the cancellation of The Motherf**ker with the Hat, which was scheduled to be remounted in January 2017 in association with Haberdashery Theatre.


The production would have involved the original cast and creative team from the successful 2016 run, with a budget based on a one-week rehearsal period. When advised that two of the five actors would no longer be available for the 2017 run, it was determined that it would not be possible to recreate a strong production of the work as over two-thirds of the play would have needed to be reworked, triggering the need for a three-week rehearsal period, additional technical rehearsals, and materials and fees needed to re-costume new cast members.


In making this announcement, Artistic Producer Donna Spencer stated, “Stephen Adly Guirgis has written a very important and dramatically well-structured play that speaks to the impact of addiction on all of the characters’ lives. These same issues are very relevant to Vancouver and the inner city neighbourhood in which the Firehall Arts Centre resides. When we chose to produce the play with our partners, it was indeed these issues that we felt needed to be heard by our audiences.”


“The Firehall and our colleagues at Haberdashery Theatre have heard the concerns that were expressed by the Latino theatre community regarding the casting of two of the roles in the production and, should a new production of the work be undertaken in the future, will approach the casting and auditioning for the work in a different manner.”


“At this time, I would like to thank our colleagues at Haberdashery Theatre and the cast and creative team from the January 2016 production. All of their work was of very high caliber, garnering the production a Jessie Award nomination for ‘Outstanding Production – Large Theatre’ and nominations for ‘Outstanding Performance in a Lead Role’ for cast members John Cassini and Lori Triolo.”


The Firehall Arts Centre is currently considering other projects to replace this production, and in doing so will continue its long-standing commitment to creating and supporting work that is reflective of the cultural pluralism of Canada. Many fabulous, ground-breaking works involving Indigenous artists, as well as artists from diverse cultural heritages, have been supported through the Firehall’s thirty-four years of bringing important plays and dance performances to Vancouver audiences. Playwrights and theatre, dance, and inter-disciplinary companies who have projects that may be of interest to the Firehall Arts Centre’s audiences are encouraged to contact Donna Spencer.



About Firehall Arts Centre:


Located in a heritage fire station built in 1906, for more than 30 years the Firehall Arts Centre has been producing eclectic seasons of theatre, dance, and interdisciplinary performance that reflect cultural and social diversity of contemporary Canadian culture.


In its 2016/17 season, the company will produce and present such dynamic works as: Hong Kong Exile’s Room 2048, whose primary creators Milton Lim, Remy Siu, and Natalie Gan will develop the production, in part, through an in-house residency; Theatre Passe Muraille’s ELLE, an exploration of how First Nations were integral in saving the lives of those who came to Canada unprepared for extreme weather, and featuring the work of Severn Thompson and Jonathan Fisher; Mary Vingoe’s Governor General Award-nominated Refuge, telling the story of a young Eritrean refugee who seeks refuge in Canada without success; and The Mars Hotel & Kwan Yin, a dance theatre collaboration between dumb instrument Dance’s Ziyian Kwan and cellist Peggy Lee.




For full season listings and tickets, please visit







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Teresa Trovato | 604.897.1939 |