‘Good Timber taps into a fascinating part of our cultural heritage’

It’s official, the critics are loving Good Timber!

With only five performances left in Vancouver, this show is a must see!

Photo by David Lowes

“Imagine a really great Vancouver Folk Festival set with remarkable projection footage and you’ll have some idea of the Good Timber experience.”  -Jerry Wasserman via The Province

“The last time I saw such a group of talented performers was in New York at the Tony-award winning musical, Once.”FunFun Vancouver

Good Timber taps into a fascinating part of our cultural heritage and presents its stories in a lively, infectiously reverent way.”
-Vancouver Weekly

“…the love many loggers had and have for the forests comes through loud and clear in Good Timber. In these ecologically dangerous and divisive times, that’s good to remember.”
Colin Thomas via The Georgia Straight


Good Timber is an engaging show that shares an important part of BC’s colourful history. If you’d like to learn more about the history of forestry in BC check out the links below.




Special thanks to Susan of  the Coast Forest Products Association for her support!


Good Timber at the Firehall

Photo by David Lowes

It isn’t often that we get the chance to honor our history and tap our toes at the same time! Good Timber does just that as The Other Guys Theatre brings the stories of loggers and logging in British Columbia to life at a time before helicopters, pine beetles and clear-cuts became a part of the forest industry.

And what better place to see this rollicking musical revue than in the 105-year-old Firehall building?  Just outside our doors on Cordova Street in the early days of the province, logs went skidding by on their way to ships that would carry them to Scotland and far afield. The Firehall building itself sits on stone blocks from Scottish quarries that were used as ballast in the ships sailing into the harbor to pick up timber for their return journey.

We hope you’ll join us tonight for a 2 for 1 preview of the play, or sometime during the run from August 7 to 19!

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Logging Fun

As a kid, I used to watch YTV because it was awesome.  Cartoons and “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” were staples on channel 25 (Holla mid-90s Vancouverites!), as were NFB shorts.  My all-time favourite was the Log Driver’s Waltz, and so it pleases me to no end to be able to post the video and gush about it in anticipation of Good Timber – Songs & Stories of the Western Logger, which runs here at the Firehall August 7 to 19.

We haven’t presented a summer show in a number of years, and are pleased to be able to bring The Other Guys Theatre’s production here to Vancouver.  Good Timber is a musical revue celebrating the golden age of logging in the Pacific Northwest and for folk music lovers, it’s a must-see.

So, to get you in the mood for Good Timber, I present one of the greatest NFB shorts of all time! Enjoy!

Log Driver’s Waltz Image from the NFB.